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Your baby is coming! Congratulations!

Every day for a baby is different, babies change and grow very fast! To have a beautiful photo session, you need to know that a baby can be photographed at any age, however each time allows different images. If you want a baby with a cute pose, inside a basket, book your session between 5 and 15 days. This period is the best for this kind of pictures because reasons below:

- baby's body is more flexible to stay in the poses;
- they can sleep more deeply (rarely a newborn stay in the pose awake);
- and on this period of the baby's life, normally the cramps didn't start yet;

The younger the baby, more calm and successful the session will be. After 15 days, it is possible to make a newborn session, but some poses will not be possible, sometimes the baby can't sleep and the session need to be with wrap all the time, looks cute also, but the session will be limited. Each baby is different, it is not possible to say exactly what going to happen, but with more than 15 days, the better option it is to do a Life Style session, below there is an explanation about this type of session. Well, based on all those information, I offer for my clients 3 types of sessions:

Studio Session

With several backgrounds options, baskets, buckets, beds, and at all others accessories. Also, I provide the outfits and everything your baby need, you only have to worry about the food, diapers and family's outfit;

Lifestyle Session

This session is at home, in the nursery room or in the parents bedroom, with family's natural pose, without accessories, without scenery, showing the real baby's life with parents, siblings and pets, if they exist. Looks beautiful this kind of session, depend of your taste, but see the samples and open your mind.

Newborn Mix Session

If you can't choose between the 2 options above, this "Mix Session" can be your choice. This session will be at comfort of your home, the family pictures will be like a "LifeStyle" and for the baby by himself, I'll transform your house in a "mini studio", I'll bring backdrops, props (buckets, beds, etc), clothes and accessories.

Right now, you can have an idea of which session will be better for you, but here I have more information about a newborn session.

Both (LifeStyle and NB Mix Session) need natural light, I have some professional extra lights, but the main light of the session in your house, will be the Sun light. The studio has artificial professional light, that means, your session can be schedule any time, because day light is not necessary.

The newborn session takes a little longer time than the others sessions, this is because we need to follow the baby's rhythm, so patience is the key word, I have no problem with this, but I always notice the parents, not to come in a rush, with another appointment after the session. The pictures by themselves are done very quickly, however, to wait until the baby sleep deeply and to put the baby properly in the pose, need some time. Also, the session will be interrupted several times for breastfeeding and changing diapers, after that, we need to wait until the baby sleep again.

Almost 99% of the mothers say that their baby sleeps all day, but during the session, we move them and change outfits several times, this why sometimes your baby will not sleep easily on the session, and the time will be longer, but no problem for me about this, I love my job, I'm very patience, but I need to tell you, them you will be prepare.  

Because babies often use less clothing and they are more sensitive, in both cases (Studio and Home Session), the temperature should be between 80oF and 82oF (27oC and 28oC). That means, we (you and I) will be hot. Please, wear light clothes or if necessary clothes in layers, them you can chance, since you feel warm.

If your baby has siblings to participate in the session, don't forget to bring their favorite toys and snacks.

Talking a little bit about my experience, I work with newborns for more than 6 years, I have done several classes and workshops, and I know how important is to have knowledge about safety and human physiology, how to poses the baby based on the womb positions, techniques to calm the baby when needs to, all baby has reflexes and we need to know how to use them or avoid them, and also, we nee to know the importance of hygiene care and how prepare the newborn clothes needs to be.

If you already decided to do the newborn session for your baby, contact me, request the package's options for each kind of session, them you can choose what is better for you. I will be available to answer all your questions and prepare a beautiful session for your family.

Thank you in advance.

Chris Dittz

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